About Me


I am originally from the South Wales valleys and I stayed in my homeland to complete my first degree at Cardiff University. There I did an MPhys in Astrophysics. While doing my undergrad I also worked at the local science discovery centre, Techniquest  as an explainer and planetarium presenter. It was during my time working at the science centre that I discovered a love of talking with the public about science!

Work Life

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 09.47.11I currently work full time at the University of Southampton, which was where I did my PhD in Radio Astronomy too. I completed my PhD in 2012 and since then I have been employed as the ‘Outreach Leader in Astronomy’ . This job involves managing astronomy outreach and public engagement activities from the Physics and Astronomy department, I manage events both on campus and at local schools and colleges.

For more information on my work please see my see my ‘what do I do?’ blog post, my Curriculum Vitae (CV) and/or my  ‘Linked In’ profile.


Science Comedy

18839094_1568189773213052_638160374321820666_nI am part of the second cohort of the Science Showoff Talent Factory. I performed my first comedy set at Bright Club in Southampton in May 2017. I absolutely loved it and have since presented ‘stand up’ sets at a variety of locations including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, London and Salisbury.

Running & Roller Derby

IMG_4231My main way of keeping fit at the moment is running, I like signing up to local 10km and half marathon races and I have done a few sprint triathlons, but I am not the best at open water swimming so have only managed to do triathons that have a swimming pool. I also try to do yoga and meditation as much as I can to keep me zen.

I also play roller derby, I just made it onto the  B Team with the Portsmouth Roller Wenches. My roller derby name is ‘Shady Supernova’, you can read my roller derby love story here.

 Travelling #Wanderlust


I am very lucky in that both my PhD and my current job have given me MANY opportunities to travel across the world.  My favourite adventure so far was a 5 day trek in the ‘Lost City’ in Santa Marta, Colombia, which I did after attending a conference in Medellin. My trip advisor review of the trek is here.

My most recent adventure was to Chile for an observing trip to La Silla with Dr Charlotte Angus for ePESSTO. We went to San Pedro in the North of Chile and then Patagonia in the South.


downloadbookI love reading feminist, science fiction, historical fiction and autographical books.

If you want to see what I am reading at the moment check out my Goodreads.


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